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About Me

Hey, there… I’m so glad you’re here! Here’s some more info:

  • Graphic and web designer for online entrepreneurs
  • Live in northwest New Jersey (USA), Eastern time zone
  • College grad, various credentials and certifications, always learning
  • Married more than 20 years with two young adult sons + pets
  • When not at my computer, you’ll usually find me reading or out for a walk

My Story

Before shifting to digital design, I was in textiles and apparel for about 25 years. That was fulfilling in a lot of ways and built a strong foundation for my interest in design and development, utilizing both creative and technical strengths.

After my boys were born in the mid-2000s, I suggested and implemented the idea of working remotely from home. It started as one day a week and eventually was full-time with periodic office visits. This was way before the pandemic, so I’m proud to have been somewhat of a trailblazer in that area.

Taking that risk and making it work is one of the reasons I’m so driven to help others work from home when it’s important to them, and to support businesses that embrace the benefits of remote work where they can.

I’m super grateful to the many people who supported that arrangement in one way or another, especially while my kids were growing up… you know who you are, thank you.

This was my first home office. So cluttered, right?! But I loved it because I’d envisioned being able to work from home and actually made it happen.

As my career evolved, the US textile industry slowly dissolved and transformed due to offshoring. My job as a Jacquard upholstery designer became unstable.

So, I began considering options while building knowledge in online business and coaching for personal development.

Graphic design had always been an integral part of textiles and CAD for weaving, and I’d been doing web pages and things like that on my own for more than 20 years.

Fun fact: weaving is a binary operating system. Complex looms evolved to use punch cards, eventually paving the way for computer development.

When the pandemic came in March of 2020 I was laid off again. So, I took the plunge and started my business.

Humans process and retain visual info much faster and better than anything text-based.

Visuals set the tone for what it’s like to work with you… they tell the story FIRST.

Are your visual materials an afterthought? If so, let’s fix that!

Or maybe your team has been cranking out design tasks for far too long now and could use some support.

I’m here to share the story of your business with compelling design, so your audience can take the next steps toward what they want, and you and your team can get back to business.

Custom Design for Your Business

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